Dinner at ROFL Cafe:

Oct. 26,2012

So you think Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, well ROFL Café will give you a run for your money. AKA Republic of Laughter Cafe is just one big happy family. Their credo is “Laughter, Love, Joy, Happiness” They are dedicated to making their customers happy through yummy, conscientiously sourced food, exceptional Intelligentsia coffee and uplifting service. The team there strives to make everyone’s day brighter by leaving a lasting smile on your face and in your heart.

As if all of this great food, fun and laughter were not enough, then you throw renowned Los Angeles celebrity chef Govind Armstrong. His restaurant history speaks for itself; starting off at Spago, then all of these very famous dining establishments; City, Campanile, Patina, Pinot, Chadwick, 8 oz. Burger Bar, Post & Beam, and now ROFL. He has worked with so many culinary wizards: Wolfgang Puck, Mark Peel, Nancy Silverton, Susan Feninger, Mary Sue Miliken, Joachim Spichal, Ben Ford, Andrew Kirshner, Neal Fraser, Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo.

Even with it’s cafe style atmosphere, ROFL manages to inspire
you while you are getting your laugh on. The walls are lined with uplifting words, and it is very bright and cheery.

My server was Liz, who from the moment she entered my world she definitely made a difference in my experience. Her stories, her attention to detail, her energy really made the difference. The food is astounding, and Liz equally described the entire fresh farm to table goodness to perfection.

Here is what I tried:

Dips with Flat Bread- Lentil hummus, tapenade, creamy yogurt feta. This is so perfect for someone who does not want to eat meat. The lentil hummus is very rich and meaty. The 2 other dips are fantastic as well.

Fall Specials:
Yellow Split Pea-Bacon, green peas, and yogurt. Like mothers milk, makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed, just like home.

Baked Tomato Salad- Olive oil braised chickpeas, frisee, feta cheese, olives, cucumber, fennel, red onion, and red wine vinaigrette. So fresh, so tantalizing, you forget how healthy this salad really is.

Mushroom Gorgonzola- Gorgonzola, white sauce, 3 cheese blend, roasted mushrooms, and baby wild arugula.

Pepperoni de Filippi – Crushed Tomato, cup pepperoni, three cheeses, grana, and extra virgin olive oil.

Both pizzas were miraculous, one with thick crust and one with then, but both to die for.

Barbecue Burger – 1/3rd lb burger, roasted poblano, fried onion rings, bacon, white cheddar cheese, and classic barbecue sauce. Some burgers are meant to be eaten and some cherished, this one should be put on a pedestal. The combination of these marvelous textures and flavors really is the best of the best.

Tuna Melt – Fresh olive oil poached albacore tuna salad, white cheddar cheese, and sourdough. Like no other tuna melt ever, this one melts in your mouth and then some.

Big Bites:
Pastrami Spiced Kurobuta Pork Ribs; Mustard BBQ sauce glazed ribs, caraway roasted cabbage, and caramelized sweet potato. These ribs are outstanding, with so much juicy pork flavor and all of the fantastic seasonings, a true original.

House Made Cheesecake, so light so fluffy, so wonderful.

My experience was pure and heavenly, even without pairing this food with wine, (they are applying for liquor license now) I still truly enjoyed this culinary delight.

I was also very fortunate to have tasted their offerings at their grand opening as well, my highlights on that night were their perfectly cooked BBQ Pork Ribs, and the crowd was fantastic. Can you imagine break dancing at a grand opening party; well that is what ensued, as well as landing on the front page of AOL the following morning!

Whether you just want some truly fantastic food or to soak up a good dose of joy, try ROFL Cafe, you will be happy about this new slice of neighborhood excitement.

ROLF cafe
7661 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA.


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