Dinner – Legacy Kitchen Steak and Chop, Oct. 5, 2019 – New Orleans, Louisiana

This restaurant group has 4 locations and different named restaurants, all governed by One Pack Hospitality Group. When I got this tasting I was excited because it is out of the main part of New Orleans, in Gretna. So I was really able to spread my experiences through many parts of this amazing area.

The area looks like a bedroom community, and this restaurant was in a mall, but don’t let that fool you. Inside you will find lovely décor, with American farmlands in mind, and the best food in this area.

Here’s What I Tried:


Louisiana Mule, with Absolut lime vodka, bayou satsuma rum, gosling’s ginger beer, orange juice, lime juice.

Watermelon Crawl with Tito’s vodka, watermelon juice, simple syrup, and lemon.

Perfect Patron Margarita, patrón, orange citronge, simple syrup, splash of first press lime
and splash of orange juice, 
lime twist. I find many cocktails that are super pricey and infused with this or that to be sometimes to acidic for my tastes, these were right on target, all having just the right amount of mixed ingredients to make them perfect combinations.

Shareable and Small Plates:

Lump Crab chops, one of my favorite things tonite. It just goes down so smooth and is so great, a must have for me,

Chilled Salads and Soups:

Classic Turtle Soup, with sherry. If you know what this soup is, and like it. then order it, some folks shy away from this soup, I found it a classic rendition.

House Favorites:

Slow Smoked Baby Back Ribs, these are fall off the bone ribs, with a nice glaze.

BBQ Shrimp Pasta, New Orleans style, fettuccine, garlic bread. The shrimp are plump and tender and the sauce has a bit of a kick, this is very filling pasta so order everything else light on the menu.


Top Sirloin, roasted + sliced, chimmichuri, cooked super rare, so tender and light, just a spectacular menu item.


Onion Rings, breaded with a nice crispy texture, and must-have for me.

Potatoes Au Gratin, creamy, smooth, bur very rich, with all of the great cheesy flavors you would expect and more.

Creamed Spinach, just loved their creamed spinach, I could eat this by the bowl full.

Crispy Brussels sprouts, onions, bacon, if you’re a love of Brussels Sprouts then this dish is for you, it’s just that good.


Lemon Ice-Box Pie, this is a Southern tradition. The pie is icy cold and the lemon flavor rushed through my tastebuds and gives me a very much needed tang after my delicious meal.


Sonoma-Cutrer Russian River, Sonoma, this wine is buttery and creamy and just has all of the characteristics that I adore, drink this wine with the crab chop.

Frank Family Vineyards, Napa Valley, a very elegant wine, I would pair this with the shrimp pasta.


Josh Cellars, California, you can enjoy this bold wine with the steak; it will hit all the right notes.

Joel Gott, California, I would taste this wine with the ribs, it lends itself to the sweet flavors of the sauce.

I am so fortunate to be able to do this as part of my other gigs. I just love the fact that I can go to another city and try food that I would otherwise never know about. The respect people have for me and my writing is astounding, I am so blessed!

Their tag line is “Refined American fare, classic crated cocktails.”

This is no-nonsense cuisine that is just delicious, affordable, and convenient. I would recommend it and come back!

Legacy Kitchen Steak and Chop

91 West bank Expressway

Gretna, Louisiana







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