Oct. 6, 2019, Lunch – Silk Road – New Orleans, Louisiana

Located in the district called The Bywater, this place is a true Gem. Mixing Creole cuisine with Indian, so creative. I was there on a Sunday, which is like going to church in New Orleans, but with football added. Yes, the Saints were playing and so on every screen they had their fantastic football team on for the bar revelers to watch and go crazy. Luckily it was a good game and the Saints won, yay!!!

The mission is simple: serve delicious, affordable food that guests will want to return to week after week.

Here’s what I tried:


Bloody Mary, done the traditional way, spicy and robust, exactly how I like it.

Small Plates:

Louisiana Crawfish Eggroll, with Hoisin Chili Sauce. Crispy, warm, brimming with lovely Indian seasonings, delicious.

Samosas savory Indian Turnover with tamarind sauce. I really adore a good samosa, and Silk Road’s is unique, bit huge roll looks more like an empanada then a samosa, but packed with super fresh flavors.


Lemon Grass Crab Bisque, a good way to warm me up and taste nature’s bounty.


Gado –Gado Indonesian Salad, with shrimp. Peanut Chili Dressing. This is my kind of salad, shrimps with the heads on and a very sweet lively dressing.


Tikka Masala with shrimp, buttery mild curry cream sauce, a nice solid kick to this curry, but really done well and very intoxicating.

Nola Meets India:

BBQ smoked tandoori spiced bone-in chicken breast, another terrific menu item.

Silk Road Specialties:

Sesame Crusted Salmon, with wasabi beurre blanc, the presentation alone will make you come back for more, but the sesame crust makes it all a very nice way to indulge in salmon.

Saag Paneer, Fresh spinach sautéed, in tomato curry sauce, with homemade cheese. A real Indian favorite of  mine, they did this dish with all the bells and whistles, yum.


I had 2 different pie type cakes that were out of this world.

What I really love about this place is that it’s off the beaten path and that it is traditional Indian fare with a nice NOLA twist, and all on purpose. Chef G knows exactly what he is doing and what an achievement it is to blend these two food cultures.

If you’re a local, try this place. If your just in town for a bit still try this place, you too will be in heaven after sinking your teeth into this remarkable cuisine.

2483 Royal Street
New Orleans LA 70117
(504) 944-6666


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