Dinner – Meatos Bistrot Chic – June 18, 2018 – Beverly Hills, CA.

This is a very iconic part of Beverly Hills, Restaurant Row; across from Lawry’s steakhouse, is a very upscale restaurant that caters to kosher food, with the emphasis on meat. You can expect high-end delicious kosher food options at Meatos Bistrot Chic Restaurant in Beverly Hills.

They follow the Jewish law of not serving meat with milk or milk with meat.
Milk and meat in Jewish law: From Wikipedia: Mixtures of milk and meat (Hebrew:, basar bechalav, literally “meat in milk”) are prohibited according to Jewish law. According to the Talmud, these three almost identical references are the basis for three distinct dietary laws: the prohibition against cooking a mixture of milk and meat, the prohibition against eating a cooked mixture of milk and meat, the prohibition against deriving any benefit from a cooked mixture of milk and meat. Milchigs: Dairy. This includes everything that is made from milk, such as cheese, butter, etc. Fleishigs: Meat: This includes everything made from meat or poultry, including their schmaltz (rendered fat).

According to Jewish law, kosher meals are prohibited from combining any milk and meat products. Within the Talmud (the primary source of Jewish religious law), it is forbidden to serve meat with milk, milk with meat, or meat in milk. More specifically, one cannot cook a mixture of milk and meat, one cannot consume this combination, and lastly, one cannot derive any benefit from this combination.

Here’s What I Tried:

Specialty Cocktails:

White Sangria Peach – Orange lemon, white wine and sparkling wine. They do not serve hard alcohol, but their faux drinks are very refreshing.

Champagne Mojito – Sake, lime, and mint. A Very cool and lovely cocktail.


Stuff Portobello (Gluten free, vegan available on demand) – Marinara, pesto, cherry tomatoes, with Bolognese sauce. A large mushroom filled with a meaty sauce that is really delicious.

Hummus bowl – Roasted mushroom, caramelized onions, beef, and falafel balls. I just loved their hummus, it is very rich and flavorful.

Kefta & Trio de Merguez Plate (Gluten free) – Beef, lamb and chicken (spicy) merguez and beef Kefta. This is a great variety of house made sausages with great big flavors.


BBQ Chicken Pizza – Caramelized onion, BBQ chicken Bolognese, chicken tenders (option to add pepperoni). There is no cheese in this very bold flavored pizza, with an outstanding crust.


Butternut Squash Soup (Gluten free) – Creamy roasted butternut squash, truffle oil, herbs. There is no cream, but they captured an amazing butternut squash essence.


Caesar Salad – Homemade Caesar dressing, romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and croutons. This is a simple salad, with lots of croutons, a great dish for the salad lover.


Atlantic salmon (Gluten free) – Fresh Atlantic salmon paned. This salmon is very fresh and cooked to perfection.


Entrecote de Paris, 11 oz. (Gluten free) – Grass fed beef served with the famous Entrecote de Paris sauce. Done the traditional Parisian way with a nice Entrecote sauce.

Baby Lamb Chops (Gluten free) – Rich flavor French lamb rib chops. This is made to order, perfectly cooked with great grill flavor, my favorite item for the evening.


Pays D’oc Chardonnay – France: I would drink this with the butternut squash soup, or the hummus, either way it is a great pairing.

Hagefen Sauvignon Blanc – California, USA: A nice, well-rounded wine with subtle melon flavors, drink this with the salmon or the salad.

Recanati Shiraz – Israel: This is such a perfect wine with the Kefta and trio de Merguez plate.

Hagefen Cabernet Sauvignon – California, USA: This is a spectacular wine; it went so nicely with the lamb chops. I would come here again just for this combination, it is all you need.


Weinhenstephaner Pilsner – Germany,  a light, smooth beer that went great with the Kefta and the trio de Merguez plate.

Bitburger Drive – Another light beer, went great with the humus plate.

An earthy interior, with an outdoor patio, a nice mellow experience. The banquettes are brown leather, with some great religious art on the walls, but all very subtle and tasteful.

Chef Jonas Assouline is at the helm of this delightful Beverly Hills restaurant. Both of my servers, Ryan Briggs and Judge Boothby (named after American actor “Judge” Reinhold Jr.) were sweet and informative, describing specialty menu items and guiding me through my dining experience with a smile.


Meatos Bistrot Chic, formally known as Mazal’rella, is owned by Karen and Daniel Attias, both from Paris, France. Before Meatos opened its doors in December of 2017, Mazal’rella was known for preparing cream-based dishes and not meat. Now, Meatos has shifted the focus to tasty meats, which include farm raised fish and fresh vegetables.

If you are in the mood for high-quality, beautifully presented kosher cuisine, then it’s time to book a reservation at Meatos Bistrot Chic. The restaurant is busy on Thursdays and Sundays, leading up to and following Shabbat, so make sure you call ahead or arrive early. For the kosher palate, none of these dishes will disappoint, after all, it is kosher French cuisine at its best.

They have Happy Hour on Mondays – Thursday from 6pm-7pm with many bar discounts.

Meatos Bistrot Chic
111 N. La Cienaga Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
(424)-343 0134


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