Friday January 9, 2015 – DPA World Gift Suite at The Luxe Rodeo Hotel

One of the great pleasures I have in my fantastic world of Jodi Jackson’s Hollywood is being able to attend gift suites for many awards shows during awards show season in Los Angeles. This gift suite being in Beverly Hills is one of the best. It offers a peek into the world of celebrity and what lovely gifts are offered to them.

On the heels of the Charlie Hebdo tragedy Nathalie Dubois – Sissoko is French and is the brilliant organizer of DPA gifting, I felt bad for her on this day, but she kept it together with her gallantly stoic nature. She offers an elegant array of products, and some delightful tea sandwiches. Any Nathalie Dubois event is worth attending.

There were some elegant presents to be had like: Icelandic fashion and shoes designer Kron by KronKron, NY based gorgeous jewelry company Arido, HUM Nutrition (HUM Nutrition developed a 21-day detox program called Cleanse to the Rescue that supports a flatter stomach, healthy digestion, clearer skin, and Malaysian Omorose Cosmetics – all Omorose Cosmetics use natural preservatives. Le Taha’a Private Island Resort and Spa offered a stay in their gorgeous private island across from the island of Taha’a Cape Breton Island to celebs, High Brew Coffee, and delicious Cake Eater Cupcakes, amongst others. All presented on the rooftop Terrace of the Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel.

There were some very high profile celebrities attending, I saw the beautiful Angela Bassett, who is celebrating her directorial debut of “Whitney,” that airs January 17th on Lifetime. I also spoke to the very talented Carey Chaikin from the show Suburgatory, she was so sweet and very smart.

What a great life I lead! This was a fantastic way to ring in my Birthday on January 10, 2015. But with Birthdays and life comes sadness, and on January 10 at 11pm I got the news that my dear colleague Lawrence Davis form LA Splash Magazine had a tragic accident and passed away. I remember thinking at the DPA gift suite, “Where the heck is Larry Davis, he is always here at the same time as me?” Well he had gone to a much bigger gift suite in the sky, and on that note, I dedicate this article to Lawrence Davis, who will be very much missed!!


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