Lunch – Factor’s Deli – Friday, March 17, 2017

For me Factor’s has a history in my heart and in my soul. Growing up not to far away and my grand parents living down the street, having my family business right there on Pico as well. Going to Factors is like going home. Being a nice Jewish girl I love all of the terrific menu choices. With its delicious traditional Jewish foods it makes me think about all of my great childhood memories growing up right in this very ethnic hood.

Freddie Markowitz the son of Lilly and Herman Markowitz was a high school friend, even though he was a few years older then me. He always would talk about his family business but never brought us over there to witness his wonderful family! Debbie, Freddie’s sister was my host for my fantastic tasting, even though we did not know each other, we reminisced about our high school years and childhood memories.

Factor’s Famous Deli has been at the same Los Angeles location on Pico Blvd since 1948. The Markowitz Family has owned and operated Factor’s since 1969 and from the very beginning the Markowitz’s strived to provide quality food, generous portions, and friendly service in a warm family atmosphere. Next year will be their 70th anniversary!!

Here’s what I tried:


Eggs Florentine, poached eggs with spinach on an English Muffins, topped with Hollandaise. Wonderful sauce will brighten any breakfast dish and does not disappoint.

Egg onion Breakfast Wrap, they do their onion very special where they dry them out to get that entire great onion flavor.

Starters and Noshes:

Fried Zucchini Sticks with apricot dipping sauce. These beauties are cut small but not thin, you get real zucchini flavor in each bite, very yummy.

Thin Fried Onions, I adore any type of onion ring, with its rich onion aroma, truly a delight.


Debbie’s Chopped, finely chopped turkey, salami, Swiss cheese, red onion, tomato, cucumber, and mixed greens. This is a favorite amongst many of their customers and you can see why, all of the ingredients are super fresh and deliciously blend together.

Chinese Chicken Salad, with mixed greens, cabbage, thin rice noodles, almonds, and mandarin oranges, with homemade sesame dressing. Everyone loves this salad with its great sesame dressing.


Mushroom Barley, large mushroom and barley make for one hearty rib sticking soup with great flavor.

Sweet and Sour Cabbage, you have never tasted anything like this soup, it is sweet and sour, with lots of cabbage, wonderful.

Lentil, this was there soup of the day. It was light, but lentils are very healthy, a nice source of protein for the vegans.

Matzo Ball, really the biggest best Matzo ball ever!!


Hot Corned Beef or Hot Pastrami, either one you can’t go wrong, and they just got their best pastrami award for Los Angeles.

Honey Maple Turkey Sandwich, piled super high with lettuce tomatoes and onion, this is a healthier sandwich on the lighter side, but equally a great lunch item.

Chopped Liver, well who doesn’t love chopped lover. They do theirs very clean and lite, with not a lot of chicken fat it the mix. I really loved this rendition of this great Jewish staple.

Nova Lox, with cream cheeses on a bagel, tomato, onions on the side. There is something about factors lox that you just can’t describe, but it sure beats any other deli in Los Angeles!


Meat Loaf, served with nice thick gravy, very much like a home cooked one that your Mom used to make.


Potato Salad, lots of nice potato chunks, with a great creamy dressing, basic but great.

Coleslaw, cabbage and carrots make for nicely presented coleslaw that is very fresh.


Dr. Browns, Wild Cherry and Cream Soda. This is my favorite brand of soda especially the Cream Soda; if you have never tried it you got to start now.

Lots of great photos of the family adorn the walls as well as movie posters from the past. There is a large patio and lots of inside booths for happy conversation and delicious food.

If you want a slice of real life in this predominantly Jewish neighborhood try Factor’s. From the characters to the food you will really understand Jewish culture. Every bite will make you very happy, and wish that you were born with a Jewish best friend or a Yiddisha Momma!

Factor’s Deli
9420 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90035


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