March 14, 2017 – Dinner at Blue Plate Oysterette

Filling the void in the Westside restaurant scene for a casual, beachy, seafood restaurant and buzzing neighborhood vibe appealing to both surfers and studio heads. A charming little crab shack type establishment right on Ocean Avenue. It is small and cozy with a casual air, not to mention it’s just across from Palisades Park and the Pacific. Owner Jenny Rush went for a neighborhood kind of place rather than something glitzy. The menu is smart too, it pretty much has everything people love about East Coast seafood; oysters, clams, mussels, lobster rolls, fish ‘n’ chips, steamers is listed on the one-page menu. The selection of fresh oyster is listed on a chalkboard outside the restaurant and above the counter in front of the kitchen. Their amazing Chef Jason Hanin will inspire your taste buds.

The first time I tried this great restaurant was at their sister location on 3rd street and I was awestruck. They have now closed that location and all of their efforts are now at the Santa Monica location, and you can really tell. Everything is a little bit brighter; a bit better, they just added a bit more zing in their totally fantastic cuisine. They have treat service, reasonable prices and delicious food and it all adds up to a great little restaurant in a perfect location for a lazy day of “people watching” at the park, or for a romantic dinner for two.

Their staff is so fun and friendly, guaranteed to show you a good time no matter what. All of the wait staff will put a smile on your face. My server Andrew from Chicago, was smart and knowledgeable, his no nonsense attitude made my experience really wonderful. Everyone there is so attentive and has your best dining interest at heart.

Here’s what I tried:

Raw Bar:

Oysters on the half shell, they served me every fresh oyster on the menu, each with different flavors and characteristics. Homemade cocktail sauce, MV pickled shallot mignonette. My favorites were Stellar Bay, Naked Cowgirl, and Kennedy Creek. Andrew told me that the selection changes daily and they only buy enough for a single day’s needs.

Soups and Salads:

New England Clam Chowder, with Cherrystone clams, and light cream broth. This soup has a bit of a spicy kick to it, but chalk full of clams and super creamy, it will do the trick.

Crab & Shrimp Louis Salad, avocado, tomato, red-onion, olives and egg, really one of the best Louie’s ever. Usually they put small bay shrimps in this salad staple, but here they do jumbo shrimp that they chop up, you can totally tell the difference.

Small Plates:

Oysters Rockefeller baked with spinach, Bechamel, and Parmesan. What a phenomenon. Cooked with creamy spinach on top and the oyster are still left tender, I just loved this rendition.

Fried Seafood Combo, nice amount of oysters, calamari and shrimp. Good strong batter makes for a delicious menu item.

Lobster Mac & Cheese, with Parmesan, herbs, and truffle oil. This is one a kind flavor, with truffle oil and huge chunks of lobster, so velvety rich, you just can’t go wrong.

Large Plates:

Linguine with Clams, white wine, olive oil and garlic sauce. The pasta is Al Dente and they serve up quite a lot of fresh clams, it has a nice light sauce as well.

Bouillabaisse, shellfish, brioche croutons, and saffron rouille. This too has a bit of a kick, nicely presented and executed, for the true seafood lover.

Wild Caught Fresh Halibut, if you like a hearty fish this is the one for you, cooked to perfection.

Wild Caught Fresh Salmon, I have had many many types of salmon, this one did not disappoint. Super fresh, extremely moist, another amazing menu item.

Steamed Maine Lobster, with potatoes and corn, well what can I say about this dish. Order it, it is the showstopper!

Coconut Brown Rice, this is one of my favorite rice dishes anywhere. What a delight, the coconut dances in your mouth, and the rice is sweet, but perky. A great side dish!

Brussels Sprouts, nice big sprouts that they split on half, cooked with great array of seasonings.


Key Lime Pie, fresh key limes, and whipped cream. This is a must have when you come here. It is light and delicious, the best key lime pie you’re ever going to eat.

Hot Fudge Sundae, the fudge itself is the reason to order this wonderful dessert.


Roederer Estate Brut – Anderson Valley, California. Bubbly with a strong earthy flavor, it will go great with the oysters.

Prosecco Superiore – Valdobbiadene – Mionetto | Veneto, Italy. This delicate prosecco will work with the Oysters Rockefeller.

2015 Pinot Grigio – Pighin | Grave, Friuli, Italy. I thought that this wine worked good with the crispy fried seafood combination. It is fragrant but doesn’t take away from all of the seafood goodness.

2015 Sauvignon Blanc – Cep | Russian River Valley, California. I can recommend this lively Sauvignon Blanc with the Seafood Louie Salad. They do a delicate Louis dressing that balanced out the fruit in this delightful wine.

2012 Vouvray – Marc Bredif | Loire, France GL. This wine has many floral notes and would be fantastic with any of the grilled fish dishes.

2015 Chardonnay – Spellbound | California. Pretty much the most elegant Chardonnay on the planet; I would pair this with the fresh Maine Lobster.

2012 Pinot Noir Wavetree – Wendell | Santa Rita Hills, California. I always believe that a good Pinot should be paired with a grill salmon, and this Pinot came across with lots of wonderful nuances.

2014 Le Bon Marche Buehler Vineyards | St. Helena, California. I loved this wine with the Bouillabaisse; it lends itself to the spicy red sauce.

It is so hard to find a good East Coast seafood restaurant in Los Angeles! Sure there are the usual suspects but really, an East Coast seafood restaurant is a rare commodity. This type of cuisine that Blue Plate Oysterette ‘s serves is very popular in New England, Cape Cod, and Montauk. Delicious food that was inspired by East Hampton summer lobster bakes, with influences like Pearl Oyster Bar and Mary’s Fish Camp in New York; Oysterette serves lunch and dinner seven days a week with a menu straight out of the seafood shacks you find on the East Coast. I have never been to any of these cities, but I am so happy that Los Angeles has Blue Plate Oysterette as an amazing dining option.

There are three restaurants in all in the Blue Plate Company, Blue Plate Oysterette in Santa Monica, then there’s Blue Plate Taco and Blue Plate. Depending on what kind of food you’re in the mood for, but their attention to detail and the freshest ingredients will surely make any of their restaurants a weekly habit.

The interior is clean, white and bright, you feel like you’re in a seaside village, but there is a huge blue ocean right across the street, in this historic beachside section of Palisades Park, Santa Monica. There is a small outdoor patio that sits right on Ocean ave., with nice warming heat lamps so you can enjoy your meal at the ocean without feeling the cold snap of the coast. A striped awning defines the sidewalk terrace outside with three wooden picnic tables. Inside, designer Tim Clarke of Tim Clarke Interior Design has given the Oysterette a designerly take on the clam shack with a pearlized white leatherette banquette and galvanized metal tabletops. A metal starfish adorns the stove hood, and a narrow counter runs in front of the kitchen, the better to watch the frantic goings-on there. Antique glass bottles turned into hanging lamps march down the length of the small space. A round mirror framed with writhing brass octopi is hung at the very back of the room. All still remain cozy and will heighten your dining experience.

You can take the Expo line down to Santa Monica, so there is no excuse not to take a break in your daily Urban life and go to the Ocean and experience what the sea has to offer, it’s bounty will amaze you. Blue Plate Oysterette’s wonderful food will amaze you as well!

Blue Plate Oysterette
1355 Ocean Ave,
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Phone. 310-576-3474


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