Lunch – October 14, 2022 – Smash Me Baby – Hollywood, CA.

Vegan dining is all the rage and there are plenty of reasons to enjoy plant-based food. Smash Me Burger will satisfy every fast food burger craving and then some. They make their own soy based vegan plant patty’s, as well as vegan chicken. If you were blindfolded and did not know it was vegan food you would be very surprised. It is just simply delicious healthy food. You don’t feel sickly full when you are done. You feel rather nourishes and vivacious, with a new outlook on why we are still eating animals. I really try to eat vegan when I am on my own or feeling like I need a break from any unhealthy animal products.

All of their vegan burgers and sandwiches are plant-based. Plant-based street food sensation turned fast casual hit, Smash Me Baby brings the heat. Specializing in vegan hamburgers, and serving plant-based nuggets and sides. The best vegan fast food in Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. You won’t believe that their burgers have no meat and are nut free.

Here’s What I Tried:

Patty Melt, with grilled onions, seasoned plant-based patty, smoked house vegan Swiss cheese, vegan American cheddar cheese, all between two slices of toasted vegan sourdough bread. The crispy bread and the melty vegan cheese makes this a must have menu item.

Double Classic, with two seasoned house plant-based patties, two slices of vegan American cheese, diced raw onions, crispy pickles, and secret sauce, on a soft and airy vegan bun. Just what a burger should taste like, but there are no dead cows here!

Smashed Truffle Burger, with shaved winter truffles, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, two seasoned plant-based patties, two slices of smoked vegan cheese, and truffle aioli on an airy vegan bun. This was my favorite burger; you just taste the lovely truffles in every bite.

3 Street Tacos, with house marinated plant-based meat, pickled onions, house vegan mozzarella, secret sauce, sliced Jalapeno pepper, cilantro, and lime, in a soft flour tortilla. The pickled onions make these tacos out of this world, another great menu item.

Crispy Chips, these are not store bought, these are fresh, golden and delicious.

Fries, with two amazing sauces, it’s a real winner.

6 Chik’n Nuggets, I just loved these, they really taste like chicken but are better. All Deep-fried in the highest quality canola oil!

Smash Me Baby is a great alternative to fast food burgers; it is super tasty, with all of the bells and whistles, except for the meat. They started their brand in Las Vegas.  This place is going to be so popular; really I would try it fast while you’re still able to get in the door – without a line. Before you know it Smash Me Baby will become the new go to Vegan spot in Hollywood. I am already hooked!!!

Smash Me Baby

Gower Gulch Plaza

6110 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

(323) 645-7308


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