Pick Up – To Go at Tay Ho – San Gabriel Valley – September 17, 2022

Tucked away in a mini mall in San Gabriel is a wonderful new Vietnamese spot that will fulfill all of your taste cravings. Every dish is individually done and has such wonderful flavor profiles. The place is a Togo spot, there are so many Asian inspired restaurants near by, but Tay Ho packs a really great enjoyable punch, fresh, delicious, additive food at great prices.

Here’s What I Tried:


Spring Roll Shrimp – Shrimp with vermicelli and fresh herbs wrapped in rice paper with dipping sauce. Fresh, simple and wonderful, a must have appetizer.

Crispy Egg Rolls, pork and shrimp rolls with sauce. I wrap these little darlings with the lettuce that they provide; it’s a crunchy roll with incredibly great flavors.


Tay Ho Bahn Cuon Set – Classic rice crepes, pork and mushroom rolls, with ground shrimp rolls, Vietnamese ham, shrimp, and sweet potato shrimp fritter. The crepe is a wet rice crepe; all orders include a side of fresh vegetables – bean sprouts, cucumber, cilantro, fried onions— and a made-in-house sauce that is bursting with flavor.

Com Plate Rice With Steak, the steak is very tender and the onions are caramelized and fantastic, a truly great menu item.

Shrimp Garlic Noodles – Stir-fried noodles with garlic shrimp. The flavors are so amazing but very subtle and the shrimp is cooked to perfection, by far my favorite dish.


Thai Tea – Sweetened Ceylon tea with half and half. This tea is always my go to tea, its very rich and refreshing.

Strawberry Peach Black Tea – Strawberry and peach infused black tea. This tea is sweet but with nice fruit flavors, I just loved it.

Tay Ho was established in 1986 by a family passionate for authenticity and efficiency, named after the Tay Ho District located in Vietnam’s capital Hanoi, their restaurants honor the tradition of authentic and delicious Vietnamese street food. The focus is on the preparation: handcrafted elements, carefully prepared batters, and fresh steamed vegetables. Made from select locally sourced fresh herbs and ingredients, they also feature expertly made in-house items such as their rice crepe sheets and traditional dipping sauce.

Tay Ho represents family. The owner grew up watching her parents work hard to make the best bánh cuốn possible. She sat in restaurants doing homework while her Mom helped customers, watched her grandmother bring all of their family together for dinner every night. Being able to create something people love and share it with everyone is their goal as Tay Ho continues to grow. Vietnamese cuisine tells a story, and there’s a lot of love and work that goes into it. Even now, their priority is to bring customers delicious and handmade food just like they had with their family. Their recipes —the same ones passed down across generations— and get an honest taste of Vietnam! From Owner Vivian Yenson

From Tay Ho:

This is what we believe in. We are committed to our values:

CONSISTENCY: Maintaining standards of service and quality – moment to moment, day to day, and year after year.

INNOVATION: Always striving to find a better, more efficient way to do things. Our team strives towards innovation to make Vietnamese food accessible for everyone in our community and beyond.

SERVICE: Creating memorable experiences for guests and the Tay Ho team. We hold our connections with our customers near to us and let it motivate us to provide a positive experience with every visit.

COLLABORATION: Working together to achieve results that are greater than those we can achieve alone. To us, our success is a team effort.

INTEGRITY: Doing things the right way, not the easy way. Everything we do at Tay Ho is done with respect and hard work.

RESPONSIBILITY: Recognizing the responsibility to peers, customers, and the local neighborhood. 

CURIOSITY: Exploring new ideas beyond a job’s responsibilities and contributing in other ways. 

PHILANTHROPY: Giving back to the generations before us and following us. We believe in the power of community.

Tay Ho is a unique take on Vietnamese food. There marketing is very fun, all of their packages are very inventive and their graphics are super hip and ingenious.

I would make this a destination to go spot whenever I am craving non-nonsense Vietnamese cuisine. I am giving this new spectacular spot two big thumbs up.

Tay Ho

529 E Valley Blvd Ste. 118B

San Gabriel, CA 91776

(626) 269-6171


Mon 10-6

Tues 10-6

Weds Closed

Thurs 10-6

Fri 10-6

Sat 10-6

Sun. 10-6



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