May 24, 2013 – Rendezvous Hotel – Palm Springs, California

Goodbye 2013, hello 1958! Yes that’s right, once again, I drove into Palm Springs and slipped into a tear in the time and space continuum. This place isn’t bitchen or far out, it was cool daddy-o…you dig! Instead of Crocket and Tubbs I expected to see Richie, Potsy and the Fonz sitting poolside eating a burger and fries.Visually, when you walk through the etched glass doors it feels as if you stepped onto a movie set. The deep blue theme is augmented by the sounds of the fifties wafting through speakers all around the deck, which surrounds the pool. The Flamingos were playing “I only have eyes for you” as we stood by the Jacuzzi trying to take in all the beauty around us.

We were greeted by Betty who is the manager and is just a delight. She is Marion Cunningham, Doris Day and Wilma Flintstone all rolled into one. We sat in the lobby and chatted before she took us on a tour. The Lobby is pure fifties malt shop complete with formica and chrome tables, mod couches and movie posters from the era.
The thing that hits you hard here is the color scheme. Electric Blue, bright yellows and burgundy with pink…and that was just the pool and lobby!

All the rooms have themes. We had the “Rebel Without a Cause” room where movie posters and pictures of James Dean, complemented a king size bed with two vintage chairs and retro style air conditioner. The room was pure 50’s, which just worked with all that surrounded us. The bed was large and very comfortable well suited for a good nights sleep after hitting the town. Which we did!

There was a very communal feel to the entire place. We met many cool couples at the pool where guests are supplied with brightly colored towels, an assortment of floaties and umbrellas to shade from the hot desert sun. The pool is a perfect temperature very refreshing. The deck chairs were comfortable and there was a bar area to gather at. All this and, at the shallow end of the pool you have a beautiful vista of the mountain behind.

They have a very fun cocktail hour at 5pm. Betty made lemon icy martini type lemon drop drinks that you could drink at the pool, along with a very good tortellini salad. Both items were the perfect way to start my evening.
Break fast is either at 8:30 AM or 10 AM. They start you with juice of your choice, and then a fruit and granola platter, that was crunchy and sweet, this item seemed like it was very health conscience. The next dish was fruit and pancake batter baked in the oven, with butter and syrup. For me a little too sweet, but the bacon served was enough to get my day rolling.

Everything regarding the hotel was positive and clean and most of all, fun. I think one thing that stood out was how friendly everyone was. Hanging out in the pool was made so much better because of all the other guests. Very cool. It is with great pleasure that I give rendezvous my strongest recommendation. So if you’re ever in Palm Springs and need a friendly, fun place to stay give this place a call and ask for Betty.

Rendezvous Hotel
1420 N Indian Canyon Dr,
Palm Springs, CA 92262
(760) 320-1178

Guest columnist – Steve Fasanella


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