Posh Hotel Stay – May 21, 2013 – Palm Springs, California

This place is amazing! Really, I thought I walked into a 1980’s episode of Miami Vice. Ok picture this, centered turquoise sparkling pool surrounded by polar white arches with beautiful lime green and white striped chiffon curtains gently billowing in the breeze. As you can see by the picture the visual upon entering kind of takes your breath away. I was expecting to see Crocket and Tubbs get up from one of the deck chairs and offer me a Zima! Hard to believe we were in the desert.

The owners Mike and Suzy Antal have created a welcome oasis for any weary traveler looking for a, cater to your every need, boutique luxury hotel. Posh is an interesting story. With thirties art deco architecture it was a hotel for “bears” when they purchased the property. Oh, and not the kind of bears at the zoo or out in the wild. That’s right! Were talking the kind of bears who like other bears…or how about a better description, West Hollywood Bears! Get it?

Suzy left corporate American to take on this new venture. She told us a story about when the phone rang after her and Mike had purchased Posh, and were renovating. “I had a toilet plunger in one hand, and a scrub brush in the other when the phone rang. It was a headhunter. I said; you want to offer me how much, 250K! We thought about it overnight and the next morning that I knew, no more big money jobs and crackberry’s in my hand 24-7, I am now the proprietor of Posh.”

So they had to do an extensive renovation from the floor up and I must say, they did a masterful job. The exterior says class and luxury while the interiors of the rooms exude quiet total relaxation. The individual rooms are beautifully decorated with flat screen TV’s, a work table and walk in fridge with a sink area that also has an ample space for storing your clothes and what not. Our room was minimalist but very comfortable. The bed was queen size with plenty of pillows and comforters.

Wanting to select a name that would be associated with luxury yet not stuffy, they came up with Posh and discovered that the word had a fascinating origin. Posh was coined in the 1800’s when affluent passengers would travel by steam ship. They would ask for the POSH staterooms on the portside going out to sea and the starboard side for the return. This arrangement provided them with sun exposure for the entire trip. Thereby Port Out Starboard Home, (POSH) came to be associated with the very best.

The pool at the hotel was a delight. Perfectly heated but still refreshing. The hot tub was also a gentle 112 degrees. Not too hot! There is an indoor out door patio lounge area that has couches and tables and chairs. Perfect for a drink in the evening, which they do serve. That’s right; Suzy serves up a Posh Martini or a wine and cheese platter every evening, promptly at 4:00PM. We had a nice cheese platter and then some chicken salad with grapes. All of the snacks were fresh and substantial, and it was so great that we were able to stay in the pool while Suzy served us poolside. And in the morning there is a gourmet three-course breakfast at 9:00AM cooked by Suzy herself. It was delicious every time…just perfect. We had strawberries with cream fresh and mini muffins. Scrambled eggs; with sausage, Gouda cheese, sautéed mushrooms, and bacon. This is very lovely food.The next day was fresh cantaloupe with a homemade biscuit and buttermilk pancakes with bacon. Suzy is the chef; she really takes pride in the best presentation and just plain good old favorites, very impressive.

Something funny happened to us during our stay. The hotel was not booked for a couple of days and since they live off property, both Suzy and Mike leave at 5pm every day. In other words, we had the entire place to ourselves for two nights. Ahhhhhhh, our own private resort! In the morning I was staring off into the distance, smiling as I remember the night before, when Suzy asked what was up. I told her that it felt strange walking around here with clothes on.

Our stay at Posh was wonderful I will highly recommend this to all my readers, family and friends. Gorgeous place with great owners at a reasonable price…what more can you ask for!

530 E Mel Ave.
Palm Springs, CA 92262
(760) 992-5410

Note: This was written by a guest columnist – Steve Fasanella – about our stay in Palm Springs.


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