Savory Tuesday – Tuesday Oct. 28, 2014

Spice up your life with a Friend Zone cocktail! Want to know how to put your guy friend in the friend zone with a perfect cocktail? Chef Danielle Liz guides women on how to get through their daily lives with a variety of advice and wonderful cocktails in her new book “The Single Ladies Survival Guide to Cooking.”

Chef Danielle Liz is at the top of her game being one of the best women chefs out in the game right now. She’s most known for catering celebrity parties out in Hollywood like Amber Rose’s Halloween Birthday Bash. Not only has she catered for celebrities, Chef Danielle Liz also caters for corporate businesses, private parties and locals in her area.

Chef Danielle Liz is all about bringing women back in the kitchen. Now-a- days, women don’t really know how to cook or won’t cook just because there are so many other outlets. But Liz is bringing a new concept “Chef In A Skirt.” Which is catered to every woman to love herself, and be comfortable cooking in that short mini skirt or that baggy t-shirt that they love so much. She’s coming out with her own apron line that you can take on the go and cook with it wherever you may be. I asked where she got the concept of “Chef In A Skirt” Liz replied “I love my heels and the concept is for women to embrace being feminine and still keep it classy.”

I got the chance to meet Chef Danielle while she was shooting for her new show “Spice.” Here she cooks, teaches recipes and has special guests on her show. Spice is a combination of Chef Danielle Liz and her book. The name of the show and concept intertwine with her since she is known as “The Spicy One” and loves to layer flavors. “Spice” is a show that’s being aired in Africa, and will feature 13 episodes.

When asked what other tips should we expect from your book? Liz said, “I wrote the book for me and my friends that were single at the time. “ “It’s a book where my friends and I discuss men and we whip up a recipe for what may go on in every woman’s life. It’s educational for women with fabulous on top.”

Not only does Chef Danielle Liz cater and cook she also has her own pastry line called “Cookie Wookies.” Her line of Cookie Wookies are combinations of classic flavors with a twist and have a selection of up to sixty-five flavors and counting some including Pink Lemonade, Red Velvet, Bacon-Chocolate Chip just to name a few. “It’s like a Baskin Robins but for cookies,” says her publicist Ashley Donaldson.

Liz has been keeping busy, as she just finished a show on the Food Network called Guys Grocery Games. It’s a game where different chefs compete and have thirty minutes to shop in a grocery store and whip up something good in the kitchen but of course it has it twists and turns. I can’t say too much but her episode will be airing in December. Make sure to check that out.

Liz also hosts many different events one being Chef in a Skirt Experience. Where women come out sip and shop. The experience is to teach women how to make certain dishes, and network. It’s not just an experience it’s a movement.

Chef Danielle Liz lives by her motto “Live Well. Eat Good!”

For more information on Chef Danielle Liz, her services, and everything about her Cookie Wookies you can check out her website at Chef Danielle Liz shooting her international show “Spice”, at Dream Magic Studios.

Guest Columnist – Shawntavia Ross



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