The Flats – Dinner – July 16, 2017 – Beverly Hills, CA.

There have been many incarnations of eating establishments at this location, but The Flats is one of those very creative restaurants that will stand the test of time and make you come back for more.

I met one of the owners Lisa Long last November when a fellow publicist asked me to go in and do a smaller taste of the food, at that time they were still looking for investors, but I could tell back then that they really had something. On the evening of my most recent tasting it got so crowded that you could just feel the electricity the air, and that everyone was about to embark on something new and different. All of the diners were having a marvelous time and the place was just buzzing.

The interior is very simple and modern, with Edison boxed hanging light fixtures, and exciting mural art, one by renowned street artist Pulse. There is lots of natural wood, with industrial metal chairs. A great mural of the 4th street Bridge hangs on one wall, the bridge was in downtown Los Angeles and no longer exits. The overall feel will enhance your very exciting dining experience.

The concept is to make Flatbreads the new pizza, but who would ever want pizza again after tasting the crispy delicious flat square crust. With so many innovative flat breads to choose from you have a plethora of new tastes, and that is what farm meets urban is all about.

Here’s What I tried:


Martini, a traditional Martini in a coupe glass.

Abres Los Ojos, with tequila, orgeat, orange bitters, groundworks cold brew coffee, and chocolate covered espresso beans. Not for the faint of heart, this is a very robust cocktail, full of eye opening coffee flavor, I am on the fence about ordering it again.

Good Bye, Norma Jean, with rose, strawberry, vodka, lemon, pineapple, in a rosé slushee. This cocktail is so delightful, they make it for 2, and served it in a cooper pineapple, a liquid feast for your eyes.

A Walk Down Sutton Street, with elyx vodka, gin, lillet Blanc, dehydrated lemon, toasted thyme. This is a very medicinal cocktail; I would want to drink if I have a cold, because it will clear out your sinuses in a minute.

Saint Brewers Punch, with Bacardi 8 Rum, champagne, Peychaud’s bitters, cucumber, mint, pineapple and crushed ice. With some cocktails you just know if this is your kind of cocktail and Saint Brewers Punch is mine. You feel like you are on a sandy beach under an umbrella with the ocean lapping at your feet. This drink will take you to another place.

Their beverage director Pete is really something, sweet, personable and knowledgeable, he will tell you all you ever want to know about the inspiration of each notable drink.


Pho-Cured Bresaola, Candied & Torched Finocciona, Sauerkraut -Cured Ham. All of their meats are curred in house, served with baguettes and donuts chips, and their accompaniments are otherworldly, especially the mustard ice cream, these meats should be eaten every day and celebrated!

Small Plates:

Caramelized Baguette, with emulsified marrow, cola salt. There is something about this bread that you just can’t put your finger on, its sweet but savory and just so delightful.

Octopus, squid ink-braised, chimichurri, green grape, apple, and lemon basil. The presentation is astounding, it’s a big white plate with the squid ink splattered all over the plate but done in a very artsy way. One you get past the art piece you will love the delicious succulent octopus.

Warm Baby Carrots, with caramelized onion, apple cheese, verbena, mint, and macadamia. Its really a carrot sculpture, but with a very delicious mixture of carrots and seasonings.

Korean Fried Duck Leg, with kimchi buttermilk dressing, shiso, currants, tapioca “cracklins”. It is a salad, but the best salad I have probably ever eaten, one of my favorite dishes tonight.

Old School Flats:

Meatball, with marinara, burrata, pickled red onion, and marigold. I just loved the overall flavor especially the way the pickled red onion gives this flat bread a whole new experience.

New School Flats:

Boardwalk with ricotta, shrimp, octopus, Parmesean, boardwalk mayo, chips. You have got to love the tasty shrimp and octopus on this fantastic rendition of a pizza.

Southern-Fried Chicken, with pink lemonade mozzarella, watermelon powder, house Tabasco. A big chunk of fried chicken is the highlight of this perfect flatbread.


Buttermilk Doughnuts, with tres leches, rose, and toasted peanut. They give you 2 donuts both perfectly cooked, with the perfect accompaniments.

“Tiramusu”, with steamed vanilla and coffee sponge, cocoa dust, whipped espresso, mascarpone ice cream. It is deconstructed; the ice cream is the best part.


Brander, Sauvignon Gris, 2015, this is the wine to drink with the octopus, with all of its fruit forward characteristics.

Bianchi, Chardonnay, 2015, I just loved this with the Boardwalk flatbread, a nice touch with the seafood in this flatbread.

Bianchi, California sparkling, of course this went great with both desserts.

Consentino, Cab Franc, 2014, a well rounded wine, I would try this with the meatball flat bread.

Bianchi, Syranot, 2012, any of the cured meats would be a taste treat for you with this gorgeous wine.

Chef Kyle Schutte is the same Chef from Wood and Vine, I had the extreme pleasure of trying his very innovative cuisine there as well.

About Chef Kyle Schutte:

At the age of 26, Kyle accepted the Executive Chef position at a new restaurant in recognition and notoriety in the city’s up-and-coming food scene. In July of 2010 Kyle brought his controversial cuisine to the sleepy beach town of, at Vū restaurant. At this forward-thinking small plates restaurant Kyle was named one of the city’s top young chefs to watch in 2011 (Angeleno Magazine), was honored with one of LA’s top five pork dishes (Grubstreet) and Vū was named one of LA’s top 10 hotel restaurants (Huffington Post). In the summer of 2012, Kyle took his talents to Hollywood with the unique challenge of breathing modern life into what was a tired 1960’s diner. There, his innovative take on the classic American diner landed 54Twenty on The Run Down LA’s best new restaurant list for 2012 as well as one of Hollywood’s best restaurants by Discover Hollywood. Kyle was recruited in 2014 by Levity Entertainment Group & Advantage Restaurant Partners to not only right the ship, but also continue his tradition of bringing modern sophistication to unexpected concepts at Roadhouse LA. Located at the historic Hollywood Improv, Kyle and his culinary team bypassed the question “What should BBQ be?” and instead explored “What can BBQ be?” With his Mordernist Global BBQ, Chef Kyle brought the world’s oldest culinary tradition into the 21st century with cutting edge techniques, locally sourced ingredients, global flavors and artistic plating. Over the course of Chef Kyle Schutte’s career, he has gained a reputation for refined, contemporary, locally driven, innovative food that leads the way in culinary trends and plays with diner’s expectations. Kyle’s unique culinary point of view that great food should be fun yet sophisticated, innovative yet familiar and humane yet accessible has allowed his out of the box flavor combinations and artistic plating style to be far more approachable than many of his contemporaries.

In May 2015 Wood & Vine in Hollywood appointed Kyle to the position of Culinary Director where he curates the menu and oversees all kitchen operations. Now under his direction, The Flats: is a modern dining experience, focusing on artisanal flat bread pizzas accompanied by shareable starters, untraditional house-cured meats and a world-class cocktail program. The Flats brings local as well as exotic ingredients, out-of-the- box flavor combinations and artistic plating via an unapologetically accessible culinary medium sure to make it a destination for the pickiest foodies and casual diners alike.

The Flats cuisine is innovative, fun, sophisticated, exciting, and inspired. Don’t wait until you’re in the area, make it a special night to go on a culinary adventure and taste all of the bounty that The Flats has to offer.

The Flats
8400 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
* Note some content was taken off of their website.


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