Trejo’s Cantina – Dinner – Hollywood July 16th 2017 – and Trejo’s Coffee and Donut’s.

Danny Trejo is an American actor who has appeared in numerous Hollywood films, often as villain and antihero. His films include Heat, Con Air, and Desperado. With his illustrious film career, he decided to step out of his comfort zone and started his fleet of restaurants. I don’t think that Danny thought these taco restaurants would take off as fast as they have, a true success story. But after you taste his fantastic food you will understand why it has become one of Los Angeles hottest new restaurants.

All their branding is a black and white mugshot of Danny smirking. From the logo, t-shirts, coffee mugs, hot sauces, to their to-go branding with each sticker calling out what it is that you’re eating. You almost feel like Danny is in the room watching everything you’re eating and bringing his bad boy image to your complete experience.


There is no hard alcohol used in these drinks, instead only wine.

House Margarita, with agave wine, triple sec, lime, spicy salt rim. This is a very thirst quenching cocktail; with no reason for tequila, you really don’t miss it.

Watermelon, frozen, agave wine, triple sec, fresh watermelon, lime, sugar rim. On a warm summer day, this is the perfect cocktail for imbibing.


Trejo’s Mexican Wings made with Trejo’s Hot Sauce served with blue cheese dipping sauce. Located right next-door, is the restaurant “Big Wangs”. This spells out big competition, but Trejo’s Cantina passed the test, their wings are wonderful.

Guacamole with avocado, onion, serranos, lime, pistachios served with tortilla chips, vegan. There are big chunks of avocado and the sliced Serrano’s coupled with the pistachios, make for one unique guacamole.

Cheesy Bean Dip with beans, pickled jalapeño, and cheese served with tortilla chips. This is a very smooth dip with lots of yummy bean flavor.

Chips & Salsa, with fire-roasted tomato and chipotle salsa; served with tortilla chips. This is a very special salsa with its unique fire roasted nuances.

Street Corn, with corn, spices, chipotle cream, and popcorn. I just loved this dish, truly wonderful.


Mexican Chopped Salad with kale romaine mix, corn, beans, cherry tomatoes, tortilla strips, cotija cheese, and citrus vinaigrette. A very direct salad, as well as a good healthy menu option.


Mexican White Shrimp Taco with cherry tomato, slaw, beans, Fresno chili, and cilantro. The shrimp are butterflied with a nice light marinade, a delicious taco.

Blackened Salmon Taco with corn, cherry tomato, slaw, orange cream, and cilantro. I just loved the way they blackened this wonderful salmon, this taco is a keeper.

Carnitas with Grilled Pineapple Taco with slow roasted pork, red onion, cilantro, charred pineapple, and fermented red chili sauce. Sweet and spicy, just the way this amazing taco should be done.

Rainbow Cauliflower Taco, corn, cashew cream, pickled onion, and cilantro, vegan. The vegan options at Trejo’s are terrific, and this taco doesn’t disappoint.

Young Jackfruit Taco with, tomatillo slaw, guacamole, pico de gallo, and tortilla strips, vegan. You could mistake this Jackfruit for shredded pork, it’s meaty and delicious, a vegan’s trip to paradise.


Fried Chicken Burrito with beans, cheese, Spanish rice, chipotle crema slaw, and pico de gallo. A huge burrito and one of the best ever, especially with its lovely chunks of fried chicken.


Cheese Enchiladas with corn tortilla, 3 cheeses blend, and hatch chili sauce served with rice and beans. This is very nicely done, but the best part for me is the Mexican rice, with its chicken flavor and pieces of corn.


Steak Asada Bowl with Spanish rice, pico de gallo, beans, lettuce, corn, pesto, and cilantro. A very hearty bowl, with lots of meat and big bold flavors.


Escabeche with pickled carrots, onions, and jalapeños. Just so you will get all of your veggies you need to order this as well.


House Made Churros, served with the following sauces – cajeta, strawberry, and Mexican chocolate. Crispy and delightful, really a great way to end my evening.

Beer on Tap:

Sans Pagaie, the bruery Placentia, CA. Sour Ale aged in oak with cherries.
Train Spotting, Chapman Brewery, Orange County, CA. American Porter.
Luponic Distortion, Firestone Walker, Paso Robles, CA. IPA.
Cali Creamin, Mother Earth Brewing Co., Vista, CA. Cream ale on nitro.

Their selection of beers are outstanding, so many lovely choices to choose from, an absolute must for the beer aficionados.

Wines on Tap:

2014 – Parts and Labor, Hobo Wine, Mendocino, CA. Red Rhone Blend.
2015 – Wonderwall, field recordings, Paso Robles, CA. Pinot Noir.
2013 – Neverland, Field Recordings, Santa Barbara, Cabinet Sauvignon.
2014 – Sauvignon Blanc, Tangent Wines San Luis Obispo.
2015 – Chardonnay, field recordings, Central Coast.

All the wines are on tap, and the manager David, told me the reasons why they love it. For one, the cork can sometimes kill the wine and it helps them with storage problems. They have a nice assortment and each one was just perfect with the different types of meats and vegan options.

Since opening their 4 locations, which include three in Hollywood (La Brea, Santa Monica Blvd and Cahuenga Blvd), and one other in Pasadena, they all have really become huge hits. Even the doughnut store has lines around the block. I just had to go and try some donuts as well, and I am here to say that Danny has also managed to make these little wonders something to write about. There are so many flavors each and every one is delicious, my favorite is the Maple Pig, with big maple icing and bacon, OMG!!!Some are a bit more creative then others but all in all, they are very good. When Danny was asked why donuts,he said, “I love donuts and like the police”.

Danny Trejo is the man who always plays the bad guy, but his restaurant endeavors have created a different persona, one of a good guy. He has turned in his machete for a spatula. Even the Trejo’s Truck, which hit the road for the first time to stunning reviews in August 2016, was an instant hit as a tailgate attraction at the LA Rams’ first home game last month.

Trejo’s Cantina in the heart of historic Hollywood, with Trejo and partners Ash Shah and Jeff Georgino, it promises to be a new addition in this very up-and-coming neighborhood. “It’s an unbelievable thrill to be opening Trejo’s Cantina in Hollywood,” said Trejo. “I mean, come on, it’s Hollywood, where even the bad guys look good. I am truly blessed.”

Trejo’s Hollywood Cantina seats 100 people, with 34 beers on tap, and widescreen TV’s for sports events. Their menu features all the signature Trejo’s tacos with some new vegan options as well. They don’t have sour cream, instead they have cashew cream which is a vegan’s delight. Trejo’s Cantina features many original art works including the one-of-a kind animal head light sculptures from South African artist Michael Methven and original murals from local Los Angeles artist Jose Ramirez.

Even though I never met Danny Trejo, his staff says that he is the sweetest guy on earth, and every time they see him they love him even more. He makes surprise visits to all of his 4 locations and stops by and talks to every customer in his establishment. People take photos and just love all of the attention.

What more can I say but to hightail it to the nearest Trejo’s Taco and Donut locations.

Trejo’s Cantina
1556 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Hollywood, CA.

Trejo’s Coffee and Donuts
6785 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, Ca 90038
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