The Martine Inn Bed & Breakfast – Hotel Stay – April 5 & 6, 2015

Their slogan is “Elegance in Accommodations”, and they have that and more at The Martine Inn.

Don Martine purchased the Inn in 1972; it was his family’s home from 1972-1984. He says it was a horrible money pit and was scheduled for demolition when he bought it. He stripped everything and restored it back to its period. In the 80’s it was his biggest investment. So, instead of turning it into apartments, he decided to turn it into a Bed and Breakfast, which was the right decision. His mission is to make his guests feel as though they are staying in a wealthy family’s home in the 1920’s. It is a 2-story house that used to have a 3rd story, which is now used for storage. Don leaves most of the clean rooms open if they are not occupied; this is so people can see all of the other rooms they have to offer. Don Martine lives on premise so he has areal hands on approach.

There is always gourmet coffee and tea, as well as fresh baked cookies in the entry. The library has a computer, 1000 books, games and a grand piano to enjoy. The game room contains an 1890’s pool table, a Ping-Pong table, trophies, posters and toy cars on display. The sitting room or parlor is on the 2nd floor where you can watch the waves crash against the rocky coastline. There is fresh fruit available 24/7 in the main hallway. Pretty much all the bases are covered and you are in the lap of luxury during your stay at The Martine Inn.

The wild life is the real star of this show. There are 6 otters that live in the waters directly below and there is whale watching all year around. I had the opportunity to see the cute seal pups with their mothers, which happens once a year in April and May.

Don Martine’s real passion is racing and collecting antique MG’s. He has a mini museum of them in the back of the Inn. If you talk to him about this, his eyes light up and you can feel the excitement in his voice. His dad got him started when he bought a 1949 MG that Don drove in high school. The car later went on to win the biggest Pebble Beach race. Some of the MG’s are famous because of their history and the races they have won. He also loves the restoration process of each car. When you visit, you must go see the cars and talk to Don about his love of cars and racing; it’s really part of the whole experience when you stay at The Martine Inn.

Don says the thing that he is most proud of is his staff and how long each of them has been with him. The longest being Ismael Viscaya, who has been with him for 30 years. He says that his staff really likes to make the hotel guests feel at home and have a great experience in this spectacular area.

The breakfast in the dining room is lovely with great smooth jazz playing in the background. Gorgeous scenic views, as the sea otters wave to say hello. They also provide binoculars at your table. Breakfast is full service at your table in the parlor between 8am-10am. Wine and hors d ‘oeuvres are in the dining room 5:30pm-7pm, which is equally delicious. No other Bed and Breakfast has such an incredible view from the parlor.

The Silver set in the dining room has its own story, as well as all of the antiques throughout the Inn. Don likes the fact that all of the antiques were made really well with care. Don goes to dealers, and has been collecting for a very long time. Lovely Victorian light fixtures, and floral fabric are all over the Inn as well. And then there’s The Lancaster Rose flatware made in 1895, with its 40 pieces place setting, also very elegant. The crackling wood in the real fireplace in the dining room is so homey, as well the one that was in my guest room.

Come for the comfort, but just remember there is lots of life in the waters below. It is so worth your time to take long walks while you’re enjoying your stay. My experience was very memorable and one that I long to go back for as much as possible.

The Martine Inn
Bed & Breakfast
255 Ocean View Boulevard
Pacific Grove, CA 93950
(408) 373-3388


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