The Owl Lunch

Sept. 12, 2012

I really like to sample the dives and the finer establishments, this  one is somewhere in the middle. With its diner like feel, it truly  offers some tantalizing home cooked creations. The main highway in Cloverdale 101 used to run right threw downtown, but in the early  nineties they moved the freeway to its own location, so now you have to  get off of the freeway to explore downtown Cloverdale. This landmark is worth getting off the freeway, there were some naysayer about many choices in reviewing this place, but I said what the heck. What is a good trip without experiencing the divvy diners in every small town.

Jeff the owner inherited this spot, which I heard from a third party,  because I never even got to meet Jeff. I met Ashley, our very sweet  server, and Victalina who has been serving up good food at The Owl for  quite a while. Valencia started in 1989 as a dishwasher, and then got a promotion into the kitchen, and has been slinging hash since then. She is the best-kept secret here, besides The Corn beef hash.

Here’s what I tried:  Homemade Corn beef hash, their best seller, and you can see why. The corn beef is slow cooked daily; this is the perfect combo for an amazing breakfast.

Combo Omelet; with an assortment of fresh vegetables. Melted cheddar  cheeses and mushrooms. This omelet was really light and fluffy; I would  suggest this one when you’re in the mood for eggs.

Tortilla Soup, I would skip this one next time.

Chicken Caesar Salad with broiled chicken breast, atop romaine, tossed with parmesan cheese, tomatoes, olives, croutons and special Caesar  dressing. For a light lunch this one is the way to go.

Chef Salad with julienne turkey, ham and two kinds of cheese atop crisp greens with fresh seasonable vegetables. Maybe just too familiar with not much that’s special, but it is fresh and crispy, and has all of what you would expect from a Chef salad.

My Burger Got The Blues with bacon and blue cheese crumbles. This burger is astounding, with all of it’s great meaty flavor, and the blue cheese crumbles makes this one a sure fire winner.

Alaskan Salmon Burger with tartar sauce, given the choice I would go for the Blues Burger hands down.

I also tried the made fresh everyday coleslaw and potato salad, and  will say two big thumbs up to both.

I tried a few wines as well:

Milano Winery, Hopland, California – Big Ass Red, went great with the blue cheese burger.

Milano Winery, Hopland, California – Chardonnay 2009, paired nicely with the two salads and the Alaskan Salmon Burger.

There are owls all over the place, as well as handmade airplanes made   from recycled beer cans. What the place lacks in ambiance is made up for by the down home good food.

This place is so kitschy and corny, but there is also a real element of Americana, and makes you just want to come back for more. It takes you back in time, when things were just plain old fun, and you could find simple tasty food at a place like this. So get off that darn freeway and jump into The Owl Café, you will be glad you did.

The Owl Cafe 485 S Cloverdale Blvd Cloverdale, CA. (707) 894-8967








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