Wheel House Cheese Shop Tasting – June 5, 2014

My brother Lee used to live 3 blocks away, so I am very familiar with this up and coming area. Technically it’s Culver City but it’s blocks away from the entire new sheik dining establishments. This area is basically a residential neighborhood. Waterloo and City did a review on this on November 3, 2013 and is down the street, so any new food businesses are very welcomed.

This used to be a TV repair shop, but these days no one repairs their TV’s anymore, they just toss them curbside and buy a new flat screen. It is the perfect space, with great light, and the perfect display case to show off its amazing collection of rare cheeses. What a truly great array of cheese and cured meats. Each cheese had its spectacular nuances. Wheelhouse has some cheeses that you can’t find anywhere else in Southern California. They are focusing on working with the most exclusive cheese makers. They had some very good samples, and everything is very clearly marked so you’re able to taste exactly what you want and know what it is.

There are lots of fromage afficianodos, and I’m sure once they discover this new store they will be happy cheese consumers. After all there are a lot of folks who are making a cheese course part of their daily meal, and drinking good wine will make you a believer in cheese as well.

Wheelhouse’s cheese selection is very ambitious, more than 100 selections representing at least a dozen countries, plus 15 to 20 fine cured meats and charcuterie items, and more than 100 gourmet accompaniments ranging from jams and spreads to crackers and pickles. Wheel House is currently applying for a liquor license, so you will be able to choose your exotics wines and craft beers all under one roof.

Owner Alex Josef grew up in Los Angeles. He has promoted major video games as a PR and marketing executive. He also owns Dogromat, the oldest grooming and self-wash pet establishment in Venice. But Josef’s real passion is food. “I’ve always been into food my whole life. I’ve been into eating, cooking, and restaurants,” he says. “As soon as I could afford to go out to good restaurants, that’s where all my money went.” Well I’m here to say that his cheese empire will be growing into his main stay business. Wheelhouses official opening was June 6, 2014. It’s a concept that is long overdue for this little sleepy neighborhood.

Wheel House Cheese Shop

12954 West Washington Boulevard

Culver City, CA 90066

T: 424.289.9167



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