Charmaine Blake Gift Suite – Friday, September 18 – 2016

I have known Charmaine Blake for many years and she is always persevering. She has now managed to be in the running with all of the other suites that happen around the Emmy’s and Oscars in Hollywood. Good work!

The location is one of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles, The District by Hannah An, where I did a review earlier this year. It is a very cool location for a suite and the outside patio is just the right area for this type of event. Small but simple, and I was able to see many of my friends. Emmy Nominee Director for Showtime, Eddie Perez and Fox news Anchor, Christine Devine came to enjoy the day as well.

Here are the fantastic gifting vendors:

Vision Care Eye Massage, Jason Chase – Healing Massage Venice – 90 minute gift certificate, Eva Fashion Design to the Stars (Couture lingerie), Fine Art Impression, Café La LLave by Reality Capitol Lending Group, Sarrella Hair Care Products: Blow dryer, curling iron, brushes. Sports Bags by MCPA, Eyebrow Arch Certificates, Gold Gags with Organic Facial, Water Pastries, Native’s Organic Personal Care Collection, The Ex-Box Everyone Has One, book by Lori Rubin, and Heavenly Herbal Tea.

Fun things always happen when you’re in the company of Charmaine Blake PR and this event did not disappoint.



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